Mobile RV Roof Repair

Out of all of the components which an RV is made of, the roof is the most ignored out of all of them. With rain battering it throughout the years, it can turn into a ticking time bomb due to water damage faster than you can say "repair". It’s vital that you hire a reputable mobile motor home repair company like Mr. Honey-Do's to inspect your roof thoroughly every year.

Most of us who drive normal sized cars don't really take things like tree branches into consideration when we're on the road. While to us a small tree branch is an afterthought, to RV drivers they are like baseball bats battering the roof of their RV while on their travels. A tree branch can easily puncture the rubber membrane of your roof, causing devastating damage. Do not take upon yourself to climb the roof of your RV or trailer roof because it may not be strong enough to support your weight and you may end up getting seriously injured.

Even extremely water-damaged RV roofs can be salvaged, as long as the shell is intact. Whether your roof is made out of rubber, fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl, we can repair the wall panels, insulation and framework. We are the mobile RV roof repair experts in Millsap, TX.